Jan. 11-15

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

No School Monday--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Questions to ask:

* How do you convert a decimal to a percent?

* What is 0.98 as a percent? What is 1.03 as a percent? What is .06 as a percent? (98%, 103%, 6%)

* When you made your design, what color was the largest percentage? What color was the smallest percentage? How did you calculate it? (Probably counted the squares, but some had halves of squares or quarters of squares that made it more complicated.)

* What is happening in The Lightning Thief right now? (We are reading it and will watch the movie when we are done. The goal is to end up comparing the two different versions of the story.)

* What were some of the words that had dem- or pop- in them?

* Do you think we should keep the penny or stop using them? Why?


* Thanks to all who were able to come to Outdoor Ed Parent Night.

* If you couldn't come, I sent home paperwork with your child today. The yellow form has due dates on one side, and the notes we teachers used for presenting Thursday on the other. Keep the yellow form at home.

* The pink form has the packing list. Keep it at home and use it to pack :).

* The white form must be returned. Please make sure to sign the bottom.

* The blue form has two sides--fill out both and return. Students also sign the behavior agreement.

* If your child takes medicine, you will need a gold Medication form. Let me know if you don't have one.

Camp info, extra!

We didn't go over cabins last night. Your students, however, already know the following info:

1. Much closer to camp, we will have each student attending camp fill out a cabin request form. Students get to list 4 Alderwood students on the form.

2. We try to guarantee that everyone will get at least one student on that request form.

3. We can't make that guarantee and ALSO accept parent requests for "put my child with/not with_______." If you have a particular request, make sure you talk to your child about who he/she writes on the request form!

4. Of course, cabins are all boys, or all girls. Each cabin will have a cabin instructor that sleeps in the cabin and supervises the group.