Mrs. Foreman's Lesson Plan

Theme 9 Week 3 Nurturing Earth

The Bear Went Over The Mountain | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Breakfast and Independent Learning

Нежная музыка, успокаивает нервную систему под шум волн на песке🌿 сказочный пляж от александра

Live Announcements

Greeting Circle

*unite....That was Helpful and I Love the Mountains

* calm...Leader Chooses

* connect...Rituals and Round and Round the Garden

*commit...Choose Agreement

Morning Message

Day 1 What do you see in nature?

Day 2 Polar bears are the largest bears and live on ice.

Day 3 Some trash can be recycled. What would you recycle?

Day 4 Remember to turn off the lights.

Day 5 How can you help keep the world clean?

Step 1:Say the Sentence

Step 2:Write the Sentence

Step 3:Identify Letters

Music and Movement

List Moving and Movement Activity from Frog Street:

We've Got the Whole World

My Brother, the Whale

Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart

Read Alouds

Nature's Giants

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: What is Pollution?

Day 3: America the Beautiful

Day 4: Animals Need Protection

Day 5: What is an Ecosystem?

Frog Street Poems and Rhymes

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2:Growing Things

Day 3: Taking Care of Our Home

Day:4 The Three R's

Day 5: Taking Responsibility


Day 1:Vocabulary

Day 2:Phonological Awareness

Day 3:Shared Writing

Day 4: Guided Writing

Day 5:Alphabet Knowledge

Alphabet Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activity

Alphabet Phonics Song


Teacher Activity: object/letter sort, monkey matching

Teacher Assistant Activity: name writing, turtle rhymes

Independent Stations: rainbow letter sort, alphabet rockets


Day 1: Rearranging Set of Nine

Day 2:Sharing 8 Cookies

Day 3: Sharing 7?

Day 4: Six-cube designs

Day:5 Solving Six-Cube puzzles

Number Activities

Count by 1's to 50 - Forward and Backward | Counting Song for Kids | Count to 50 | Jack Hartmann


Days 1: Introduction

Days 2- 4: Explore

Day 5:Share Discoveries

Learning Centers/ Practice Centers

Foreman: report cards

Art: trash picture

Pretend: add recycle bin w/ items

ABC: sensory letters

Block: city by river

Game: Road to Recycling

Additional Read Alouds

We're Going On A NATURE HUNT
Wonders of Nature | Read Aloud Flip-Along Book
Outside In read aloud | A great kids picture book about how nature affects our everyday lives
What Color is Nature? -- Non-Interactive Read Aloud

Rest Time

Closing Circle

Check Commitments

Display Word of the Week

Review and Reflect

Activities Page 78

Reflection: Come back tomorrow...see ya later rhyme