Ericks' Choices

and How they affect Paul

Attion Hog

Ever since Erick started to play football Mr. Fishers perspective on sports changed. Everything changed even the way Mr. Fisher made Paul feel. On page number 19 Paul says "Just than Dad and Erick turned the corner and pulled into the driveway. As usual when Erick appears, the attion swited from me to him. "in that quote Paul says how he feels and how Erick's choice affect Paul.

Eariler that Summer

"Dad had brought Erik to meet Coach Warner earlier in the summer" Erik was Mr.Fisher's top priority the few days Mr. Fisher and Erik went to Florida that is how much farther Mr.Fisher went away from Paul. Erik made the decision to go meet Coach Warner earlier that summer and take away family time or time that Paul got to spend time with his

New Friends,New Enemies

Paul always was afraid of Erik, he always had to. Ever since Erik made the choice to become Arthurs friend, and let him in the Erik Fisher Football Dream Paul has to be scared of the both of them. pg.42


Erik made the order, he made the choice to tell Arthur to hit Luis in the head with a black jack. Erik's decision to do that made Paul's soccer friends not trust him because Paul didn't do anything about Erik hitting Luis with the black


Erik did it and Paul paid. Erik made the call without even thinking that Paul would have to carry the gilt that Luis is dead because of Erik's decision to hit Luis with the blackjack and Paul didn't do anything about