Yearbooks for Sale!

Buy them today. Deadline is 2/28/2014.

Purchasing Options

We have two purchasing options this year:
1. You can purchase from any yearbook staff member or the front office for a price of $53

2. You can purchase online from for a price of $50

What's New?

We will have a larger book, more pages, more Junior High coverage -- all for the same price! But, most exciting is the addition of videos to the book! We're using an Android and iOS app called Aurasma to add video features to the book.

Submit your Awesome Pics to the Yearbook Staff!

Did you take some great pictures of school events that you think belong in the yearbook? Upload your pictures to by clicking on the "Community Upload" button in the top right corner of the page. The password for our site is "thayercentral."