Manager Wanted

Big Elk Branding, LP

Our shop has the best branding in town!

We are looking for young, motivated, and enthusiastic, men and women. If you love graphic design this is the place for you! We have been established for year and are ready to branch out. You have probably already seen one our logos in the past year. So join our team and receive great benefits!

What we look for in a manager.

Four Functions needed in management

Planning- we need a good planner

Organizing- needs organization

Implementing- we want to implement and hear what you have to say

Controlling- then you need to control your workspace

This is a quality managment workspace!

We care what you have to say! Each and everyone of us matter and as you join our team you will feel welcome right away!

The Five resources we want in managers.


We would like you to use technology in this field because that's what graphic design is.


In this field there are many graphic designers, so you will have to show us what you've got.


Communication is key to graphic designers they must communicate with each other to make the greatest product they can.


This field is specialized, we need professional graphic designers to create amazing logos for other companies.


We need the smart ones in this field because you will not only be doing logos, but many other tasks

Management Principles


With Graphic Design, once you make something you need to stick with it.


You need to be responsible in this field, because if you are not the business could fail.

Organized and Coordinated

Also in graphic design, you have to be organized because if you lose something important to the company. The company could be in trouble with other companies.