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Historical context


How was the critical reception of the novel illustrative of the time period?

It's been noted for excessive use of swearing and has been questioned for having an alienated, alcoholic, smoking teenaged protagonist. While some have compared Holden to a 1950's Huck Finn.

What pressures specific to the time period influenced Holden? How were people supposed to act?

Explain the growth of consumer culture in the post-war era. How is this reflected in the novel?

What, if any, support would have helped Holden to become a well-adjusted teen?

How do you think the Cold War influenced Holden's culture?

How did the House Un-American Activities Commission influence everyday life for American citizens?

Identify at least 5 ways WWII impacted American culture. What happened as a result of the war?

Is Holden an early example of the "Counter-Culture Cycle"?