Reading Work Sample Final Project

to be completed during finals


  • Your job is to pick a piece of text that is of interest to you. It could be a short story, a magazine article, or an educational essay (it can be a portion of a text also).
  • You will annotate the text and insert and image of your annotations.
  • You will write questions for the text using the three levels of questions covered in class.
  • You will write complete answers to the questions you posed.
  • You will submit this project electronically.


Check out this link for an idea of how to get started.

You may NOT use the text I used in the example.

Step 1 - Begin Your Flier

Create a new flier, title it and include your name in the subtitle section.

Step 2 - Insert Text

Step 3 - Annotate and Insert a Picture

  • On your own notebook paper, create two column notes for the text
  • Be sure to show that you are "interacting" with the text not merely reading it.
  • Create a new box and take a picture of your annotated notes, insert the picture of the notes (title this box "Annotations")

Step 4 - Write Questions

Create a new text box in Smore (title this box "Questions") and write six questions:

  • two understanding questions
  • two interpretation questions
  • two evaluation questions

Step 5 - Answer Questions

Create a new text box in Smore (title this box "Answers") and answer the questions you posed in Step 4.

Step 6 - Done Editing and Turn In

  • On the upper right hand there is a box that says "Done Editing". Tap on this box.
  • It will then "publish" your Smore.
  • On the right side navigation, there is a "Link" box.
  • Tap the button next to the link to copy it.
  • Use the link below to submit your name and your link. Once this is done, you can continue working on and updating your Smore.