The Good The Bad and The President

By Jake Tangedal

Trail of Tears

The native Americans were kicked out of there land. They had a long harsh journey from Georgia to Oklahoma. Jackson forced them to leave and 50% of the natives died on the way to Oklahoma. The natives that survived the trip lived on reservations in Oklahoma.

Indian Removal Act

President Jackson ignored the Worcester vs. Georgia case about if the natives should stay in there land or not. The case was then ruled no one can make them leave. Jackson then ignored the case and made them leave anyway. When Jackson did this, John Marshall (the court judge in the Worcester vs. Georgia case) was furious about this and said that Jackson was not allowed to do this he did it anyway.

Spoils System

This system created by Jackson was well like by his supporters. The people that supported Jackson when he was running as a candidate would get free jobs which took over previous workers places. The people that already have jobs that were taken by Jackson's supporters probably did not like this system. Overall this systems had positives and negatives to it.
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Cherokee Indians

The natives would have negative thoughts on president Jackson because he kicked them out of there land.

Factory Workers

The workers would have a positive effect on Jackson because they might get promoted to a better job if they were supporters of Jackson. Another reason is they would get paid more since Jackson got rid of the national bank.

political picture

I used this picture because this represents how Jackson was a savage and didn't care about others really except supporters and how he ignored the court case of Worcester Vs. Georgia.
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