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Six word memoir

My Keurig is my life savior

Ten Rules for my Utopian society

1. Everything is free, but no taking advantage of this privilege

2. Have fun

3. Be yourself

4. No violence except personal defense

5. Everyone is to be treated equal

6. Everyone in the community should contribute for the better good

7. No weapons allowed unless fir work purposes

8. No drugs allowed unless for medical purposes

9. Keep the environment clean

10. No abuse of people or animals

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1984 movie cast

Winston- William Dafoe

Julia- Anna Kendrick

O'brien- Bryan Cranston

Big Brother- Tom Selleck

I chose all these characters as the main cast of 1984 because, they fit the cast well in their descriptions, and seem like they would fulfill the roles very well.
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Five Panel Comic Strip

Ideals of freedom

In the United States of America, we have lots of freedoms that benefit us in our everyday lives. Unlike Winston’s society, we are allowed to freely express ourselves and live as individuals. A freedom that is very influential in our society is our freedom of speech and religion. These freedoms allow us to express ourselves in any way we like, we can be different than others and have no requirements to be all the same. Our freedom of speech allows us to speak our mind and voice our personal opinions on certain topics that may offend us. Another freedom that is stripped away from Winston’s society is privacy; unlike 1984 we are not always being watched in our private spaces like our homes, we do not have to constantly worry about getting in some sort of trouble for something as simple as writing. In our society we also are allowed to learn about our past and discover it, instead of discarding precious memories, we do not have to worry about getting taken away or punished for thinking about our memories or something except what the government wants you to give into to. Lastly, we are allowed to read, watch, and view anything we would like without it being edited to hide our past from the population, because in our society history is there to learn not be diminished. In a society where freedom is not evenly balanced, the citizens cannot have any say in how or what they are able to do in able to provide for their society. They also cannot be individual people, to think for themselves or do what they would like without being restricted by their the government. A free society live ours is a freedom, we are allowed to live as originals to think for ourselves and express our feelings and thoughts without being restricted, which is a privilege that should never be taken for granted.

New ending to chapter 1

Winston was not DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER, he knew the thought police would go after him but he did not a care at all. He knew that if the thought police came after him there was no escape, but he felt like he needed to get his feeling out and the only way to do that was threw his diary. Winston thought to himself what would happen if he got caught, he knew that he would be diminished from society but did not mind because he felt like he already was. Later that night Winston decided he was going to write and not worry because this was the best thing for himself in the world he felt out of place in. When he started to write he wrote about what the thought police do to people even though everyone surrounding him thought he was down with big brother it was the complete opposite. Winston despised big brother and anything he could do to defy him without getting caught is something he would do. While writing Winston heard a loud sound outside his door, he stayed inside and just waited to see if what or who would go away. But the sound kept getting louder and louder. After about five minutes five men busted in the ought all the doors and windows and yelled "WINSTON SMITH YOU ARE UNDER AREST FOR THE ACT OF THOUGHT CRIME," they grabbed the journal but while doing that Winston ran out. The men followed him with the journal and loads of weapons but he go away, something no one has ever done but he was defying the odds and fighting for his life at the same time. Winston was gone and there was no coming back since he now was considered a criminal.