John Henry And His Hammer

By:Kyler B Author Harold Felton llustratior:Alfred Knopf

The characters

John Henry- He is nice, funny, hard worker, careful


John Henry, Lil Bill, the boss, The big guy

They were in a cave up in the moutians.


John won! His boss was very impressed. John was sitting on a rock with his hammer in his hand. It was hard for him to take a breath. John said before he died bury me with my hammer and then he died.:(


John was born a slave in the 1840s. He was freed after the war. He worked sun up to sun down every day. He drove the nail in 10 to 12 feet. Nobody could match him. Untill one day they brought out a steam drill and it was going to replace his job. They had a race to see who could do more. They were going and going the steam drill strated to blow gears. The cave started to cave in but John kept on going. He won! he went out and the boss man told him good job. Then John's friend Lil Bill came over and John told him to bury me with my hammer. Then John died. When John was burried Lil Bill burried him with his hammer.