By: Pamela Rezende

Where are the Tropical Rainforests?

There are alot of places you can see the Tropical Rainforest. Mostly it is located in Latin America. The Tropical Rainforest are located in Australia, Asia. Africa and in the Pacific Islands.Well, now that I'm saying this the Tropical Rainforest is in every continent except Antartica. So, if you want to take a vacation with your family you should go to the Tropical Rainforest

What kind of animals live in the Tropical Rainforest?

First, the Gorilla lives in the Tropical Rainforest. The Gorilla is a herbivore. The Gorilla eats plants such as berries and leaves. The Gorilla is about 1.7-1.8 meters! Next, the Flying Dragon lives in the Tropical Rainforest. The Flying Dragon is a carnivore. The Flying Dragon eats ants and termites. The Flying Dragon is about 19-22 centimeters! Then, the Indian Cobra lives in the Tropical Rainforest. The Indian Cobra is a carnivore. Its eats small mammals and reptiles. The Indian Cobra is about 1.8-2.2 meters! The Vine Snake lives in the Tropical Rainfoest. The Vine Snake is a carnivore. The Vine Snake eats small mammals and reptiles just like the Indian Cobra. The Vine Snake is about 1.5-2 meters! The Toucan's (a colorful bird) adaptation is devoloping its bill. It is used to eat seeds from trees. Also, another adaptation for rainforest animals is to camoflage on trees or plants to protect itself from enimies.Wow, that is alot of animals!

What kind of plants live in the Tropical Rainforest?

The Bamboo Tree grows in the Tropical Rainforest. It is the largest plant in the Tropical Rainforest. It is used in japan to make skyscrapers.The Sugar Cane grows in the Tropical Rainforest.The Sugar Cane is 10 feet tall.People use the Sugar Canes to get the sugar.Cacao grows in the Tropical Rainforest. People use Cacao to make hot chocolate. Last, the Black Pepper grows in the Tropical Rainforest. Mexico uses the Black Peppers to make Chili and Salsa. In the Tropical Rainforest, the plants adaptation is when it rains the plants suck it from the ground and still lives. These plants are really interesting.

What's the weather like in the Tropical Rainforest?

In the Tropical Rainforest it is hot and moist. In the Tropical Rainforest there are about 12 hours of sunlight because it lies near the equator.It rains about 200 to 450 centimeters per year. When it is winter in the Tropical Rainforest, it is 77 degrees. When it is summer in the Tropical Rainforest it is about 95 degrees. But, if it gets too hot the precipitation can be about 1,000 centimeters {400 inches}. In Columbia, it is about 105 degrees. So it can be a flood! So that is the weather and climate like in the Tropical Rainforest.