This Week in Room 120

Week of September 23, 2013


This Friday, September 27, we will going on a field trip to the School Forest. We will be leaving around 9:20 and be returning around 12:30. We are going there to learn about our local environment. We will be taking school lunches. Your child won't need to bring one from home.

Reader's Workshop

Reader's Workshop this week will focus on several topics:

  • Monday - When to keep reading a book and when it is okay to abandon
  • Tuesday - Creating a hierarchy of the genres we read. This will be a visual way to show the genres within fiction and nonfiction
  • Wednesday - Readers use stickie notes to record their thinking while reading
  • Thursday - Readers use think marks to record their thinking over a period of time
  • Friday - no mini-lesson due to field trip

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop this week we will be focusing on starting a Writer's Notebook. Each student will have a Writer's Notebook to record his/her thoughts, ideas, plans, etc. for writing. It will be an integral component to our writing time all year long!

Word Study

Word Study went very well last week! The students followed the routine wonderfully!

The weekly routine:

  • Monday - Learn the new spelling principle & choose own words
  • Tuesday - Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (a way to practice the words)
  • Wednesday - Buddy Check (a practice test with immediate feedback from a peer)
  • Thursday - Making Connections (how our weekly words relate to other words)
  • Friday - Buddy Test (spelling test)

This week we will be studying how words are sometimes made up from several parts: a prefix, a base word, and a suffix. We will really focus on how a base word can stand alone and how different prefixes and suffixes can be added to alter its meaning.


I sent home a letter last Friday regarding some changes that I will be making to our Math time. I will be mixing up students from Mr. Fendt's class and from my class. The goal is to better meet each student's needs. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We have finished up the instructional pieces about solving Math Word Problems. I am very excited about the progress that the students made during this unit of study.

This week we will be focusing on writing and solving math expressions using the Order of Operations. We will be using the acronym PEMDAS to remember the order in which expression/equations must be solved. 1- Parentheses 2-Exponents 3-Multiplication or Division (whichever comes first) 4 - Addition or Subtraction (whichever comes first). This will be an important skill that will be reviewed throughout the entire school year!