Bishop Miege

Where Championships are right around the Corner!

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Do you want to be a Winner?

Bishop Miege High School has gone to and won 77 state championships in many sports combined. Bishop Miege was named "Best Athlete program in Kansas" on May 16, 2005, issued of Sports Illustrated.Our sports program is exempt and our coaches have created the best teams and players. The football team, girls basketball, and volleyball won their most recent state championships in 2014-2015 school year. The track team set many records this year and were very successful all around. We have alumni who have gone to the greatest colleges and even an alumni, Catherine Fox, who went to the Olympics and was on two gold winning teams in swimming!

We've got Spirit! How 'bout you?

While your on the field playing your sport and trying your hardest, fans in the stands will be cheering you on every step of the way! We have the most spirited fans you have ever seen. We even have a spirit bus to take bring those fans to your away games, or you could even ride it if your not playing. Miege fans cheer the loudest at any game you can hear them from a mile away. These fans will give you the determination and power you need to succeed!

We'll get you to the next Level!

Bishop Miege High School will get you to the next level of athletics, whether its college or the pros. Our coaches and teachers will help you succeed in high school academics, athletics, and as a person. Miege graduates average more than 25,000$ in college scholarships. Coaches will build your character and make you work hard for what you want to achieve. Our teachers will teach at the best of their abilities so you will do good on the ACT and get you not only a athletic but also a academic. All athletes must also remember that you are student athlete, and Student always coming first.
Created by: Thomas Miller, Marrion Yap, and Jake WestHoff