Anna V. Roth

All about me!!!

Anna’s Autobiography

HI, My name is Anna V. Roth I am about to tell you awesome stuff

About myself. I think I am very helpful & nice. My birthday is October 18, 2001. I have a little sister & we are 13 months apart.

I have been on a swim team since I was 9. I live with my Dad, Mom, little sister, dog, kitten, & fish. My Dads name is Terrance but, he goes by Terry. My mom’s name is Sarah. Last but not least my little sister & her name is Gwyneth except, everybody calls her Gwyn. Do you know what question I get the most? “Is that your sister?” or “Are you two twins?”

Oh my gosh I have answered that question a million-billion times!!!!! At school my best subject is Math it is the easiest for me I’m pretty good at Social Studies. I am ok at science too Communication arts is harder for me but, I am a good reader. My favorite class I have ever had I was in fourth grade. That is all the facts I am going to share with you so bye!!!

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