Josue Gonzalez

What you have to do.

A mechanic has to maintains vehicle functional condition by listening to operator complaints, conducting inspections, repairing engine failures, repairing mechanical and electrical systems malfunctions and replacing parts. You also have to give an estimate on how much it is going to cost the person by you doing the job and buying what the car needs. Mechanics can do almost any type of thing that has to do with any type of cars.

qualification requirements

A automotive technician qualifications and requirements are to have at least a high school degree. You also have to at least take a course of automotive repair, electronics, computers, mathematical and english. You also are going to need skills on customer service and communication. This is important because you have to learn how to listen to the complains of others and also need to know how to communicate with the people.


A automotive technician responsibilities maintains appropriate service and repair records.Researches, purchases and inventories equipment parts, chemicals and supplies.Responds to routine and emergency calls for repairs and service.May train and direct the work of other classified staff in the area.Assists and serves as back up to other facilities employees.