Peter The Great

By Danny Spreen and Seway Kah

Modernizes Russia

  • Peter The Great took over Russia when he was the age of 10 in 1682. However, he didn't take over the government until he was 17 in 1689.
  • Peter The Great wasn't educated, so he was in the "German quarter", where there were Dutch, Scottish, and other artisans and soldiers lived.
  • He learned of newer technology that they were using to help forge powerful empires.

Peters Great Life

  • January 1697 Peter goes on a grand tour of Europe in an attempt to win help from Western European monarchs. He also travelled to the Grand embassy, he hoped to secure help in battling the Grand Ottoman Empire.

  • Peter put in reforms aimed at modernizing Russia. Heavily influenced by his advisors from Western Europe.

  • After making peace he tried to gain territories in the Baltic states. This began the Great Northern War which lasted 21 years.

  • Peter reorganized the Russian army , and dreamed of making Russia a maritime power back then.

  • He also brutally suppressed any rebellions against him and stopped them before they got really big.

  • To improves his nation's power in the seas , Peter sought to gain more maritime outlets.

  • Peter attempted to acquire control of the Black Sea; to do so he would have to expel the Tatars from the surrounding areas. As part of an agreement with Poland which ceded Kiev to Russia, but now Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

  • Peter the great ended up dying of sickness in February 8 1725.