Hockey Rocks

Do you know what hockey is?

A place to start on ice

By the way, it’s all about fun! It’s also about game and team-work. If you want to go on an ice hockey team go to an ice rink. “After leaning to skate, players must know how to hold a hockey stick.” Dave McMahon said in his book Girls Play To Win. Also practice on inline skates on concrete, that way you’ll get more practice. “You need to know how to skate backwards” says Dave McMahon in his book Girls Play To Win. Ask your mom or dad if you can get a puck, you could also ask your coach for one, too.

Not on Ice

Do you know how to play hockey, like on a basketball court? It’s easy just like ice hockey but you run, not skate. Do you know how to play? Well you have to get glasses/goggles. You also NEED a stick and puck. You need to have good hearing to listen to your mom and coach.

Safety is key

Do you know what happens when safety and hockey are combined? If not it’s called fun! Do you have fun in hockey? If not, you are not safe. You have to try not to trip someone. You also don’t want to put your stick above your knee.

When the buzzer goes off

Have you heard of hockey? If not, I’ll blow your mind with this thinking. Now you know what it’s like to play ice hockey and floor hockey.