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August 30, 2020

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What's the Big Deal about a "Sili-Cup?"

Cups are made for receiving water from one source (like a faucet) and pouring it out into another (like our mouths.) You fill it up and then pour it out. That's similar to what we do as teachers. We are filled with love, care, knowledge and skills and we try to pour all of that into the lives of the children we teach. We want them pour into others as well as they learn to receive and give. Our Cherry Park mission is to change the lives of children so they can go and change the world. Back to the "Sili-Cup." It is made of silicone. It can go into the freezer, the microwave, the oven, or on the grill (on indirect heat.) It keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. If you drop it, it won't break and if it is squeezed, it will return back to form. In many ways, that's how we see teaching and learning right now. It may be face to face or it may be virtual. It may be video conferencing or live-streaming or using computer programs. It may happen with a mask on or from the other side of a screen. No matter the environment or the format, our goal at Cherry Park is to change your child's life so he can go and change the world. This year, our staff will teach our virtual students as well as our face to face students. Some of our teachers will have a group of each every day. Others will be teaching two grade levels. We are shifting and moving and changing and flexing so we can give the very best to your child. We know you have and will be doing the same. Teaching and learning won't be like last spring or last winter or last fall. Our mission as parents and teachers, though, never changes. There is absolutely nothing "silly" about that.

Strength and Blessings to You

Mr. Maness, Principal

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Checklist for Face to Face Parents

Face to Face Parents (These are parents of students who will attend Cherry Park on the A Day/B Day Schedule) Please bring these items with you when you come for your teacher conference this week or you can send them in this week.

1. Updated Immunizations--Go to Nurse Love. Especially for kindergarten students.

2. Technology Protection Plan Payment ($35 and checks can be made to CPES). Scholarships are available as needed. See the Mobile Computing Guide below.

3. Last two pages of the Mobile Computing Guide printed and signed. Extra copies will be available as needed.

4. Know how many which kind of car tags you need. You will get these when you come for your conferences. This year, we encourage all Kindergarten and First Grade families to use the Cherry Road Entrance for drop off and pickup. Siblings of K-1 students in older grades can be dropped off and picked up there as well. It would be best for all Second through Fifth Graders to be dropped off and picked up at the upper Caswell Entrance.

5. Registration Information Updated Online

6. School Supplies

7. Transportation Survey Completed--only if your child will ride a School of Choice Bus.

8. Signed up for a time Monday through Wednesday for a Parent Teacher Conference

9. Return any library books to the Media Center or teachers

10. Prepare for the First Day of School (Thursday A Day and Friday B Day). Kindergarten and First Grade Families can walk your child to the outside classroom door in the Kindergarten Playground (Notaro, Smith, Kiker, Doyle, Garces and Pezzello) or the outside classroom door on the Older Student Playground (Pope, Lopes, Webb and McFadden). There will be adults to direct you. To help reduce exposures, we will not be able to allow Second through Fifth Grade parents to walk their child into the building on the first day. (This is why we want your child to come with you to the conference so he/she can find their class.) After our first day, we will have Safety Patrol students and CPES staff members ready to escort any students into the building to their classes.

11. Help your child know how to get into and out of your car. (Also, please help little ones know what your car looks like.)

Note: Please arrive early for your conference. Use the lower Cherry Road Entrance and park in the spaces first and then on the right side of the drive if no spaces are available. Please do not block the drive for other parents. Once you walk into that entrance, CPES staff will direct you from there. Please remember to wear masks and social distance while you are on campus.

Checklist for Virtual Parents

Virtual Parents--(These are parents who signed up for their child to attend the Virtual Academy. Cherry Park teachers will teach all of these students.) Please bring these items when your child comes to take their MAP Assessment (Grades 1-5) or Fast Bridge Assessment (Kindergarten).

1. Updated Immunizations--Go to Nurse Love. Especially for kindergarten students.

2. Technology Protection Plan Payment ($35 and checks can be made to CPES). Scholarships are available as needed. See the Mobile Computing Guide below.

3. Last two pages of the Mobile Computing Guide printed and signed. Extra copies will be available as needed.

4. Have signed up your child for MAP Assessments (Grades 1-5) or Fast Bridge Assessment (Kindergarten) for this Tuesday through Friday. See Links below. Your child will receive his/her laptop when he/she comes in for the assessment.

5. Registration Information Updated Online

6. School Supplies

7. Return library books to the Media Center or teacher.

8. Set up a "learning spot" for your child in your home.

9. Let us know if you need any assistance with Wifi or meals for your child.

Note: Please arrive early for your child's assessment. Use the upper Caswell Entrance at the Main Office and CP Staff will direct you from there. Please use the Sullivan Auditorium Parking Lot if at all possible. Please remember your child's first day of instruction is Tuesday, September 8. Teachers will send more information this week and will contact you to set up a virtual conference.

All Parents--Mobile Computing Guide Parent Orientation

Click here for required information to secure your child's device for this year. This presentation and information is in English and Spanish.

Virtual--Sign Up for Assessment Slots for Grades 1-5

Please click here to sign your child up for two slots for the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Assessment).

Virtual--Sign Up for Kindergarten Assessment

Please click here to sign up your kindergarten virtual student to come in and take the Fast Bridge Assessment Tuesday through Friday of this week.

School News (Beginning of the Year Reminders for All Parents)

Immunizations--Parents, please do not forget that Nurse Love needs your child's immunization record (especially in kindergarten) at the beginning of school. You can bring this when you come for your child's parent conference on our LEAP days.

Devices for Students--All Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade students will receive a personal device this year. As we start the year, our highest priority will be getting our Virtual Students in Kindergarten through Third Grade their device and then we will distribute devices for Third, Second, First and Kindergarten students attending Cherry Park. (Our Fourth and Fifth Graders should already have their devices.) Parents need to read the 20-21 Mobile Computing Guide and review that with your child(ren). The last two pages of the Guide should be printed and signed by the parent and child. There is a $35 Technology Protection Plan fee (and you can pay that when you come for your parent conference on LEAP days as well.) Please be sure to view the Mobile Computing Guide Parent Orientation by clicking on the link. This orientation and the guide is in English and Spanish for our parents.

LEAP Days August 31-September 4--The South Carolina Department of Education has designated five additional days for 4K-8th grade students as Learn, Evaluate, Analyze, and Prepare (LEAP) instructional days. These days are required in response to the COVID-19 school closures. Rock Hill Schools has set aside the week of August 31st - September 4th as LEAP days on the district calendar. All families will participate in a scheduled one-on-one parent/student orientation during the days of August 31st - September 2nd. Each family will only attend one 30-minute session during these dates. Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and review the instructional and safety procedures for the year. Your child’s teacher will be contacting you to schedule your orientation beginning the week of Monday, August 24th. In addition, on Thursday, September 3rd, “A” Day students will attend school, and on Friday, September 4th, “B” Day students will attend. These dates will be full instructional days for students based on their assigned grouping. Transportation, breakfast and lunch will be available on these dates as well. Details regarding assigned groupings will be forthcoming.

Request for Bus Transportation--If your child will be riding the bus this year, we need you to complete the Request for Bus Transportation below. Even if your child rode the bus last year, you will need to complete this form.

School Supplies--The Cherry Park School Supply List for each grade level is below. This was also emailed out to families. Each school (and grade level) will have it's own supply list instead of a district wide list as in years past.

Repairing Computers Before School--As we prepare for an amazing school year, we ask that if your child has a district issued device that is damaged or lost, please fill out the form ASAP so that we can service the device prior to the start of school. Upon completion of the form, one of our technicians will be in contact with you and help you over the phone or make arrangements to swap out your device. Back to school is a busy time and we want to ensure that we are prepared for a great year.

District Calendars--The links for the 20-21 District Calendars in English and Spanish are below.

Returning Student Registration--Please click on the link below to update your child's information for this fall. Please, please, please be sure to do this because all of our data management and communication programs pull from the information you update. Remember that all families must provide an updated proof of residence.

New Kindergarten Student Registration--Is a different link located below. This is for rising kindergarten students who have not been in Rock Hill Schools. (If your child attended K4 at a Rock Hill school, please use the Returning Student Registration link.)

Request for Bus Transportation

All families needing bus transportation need to complete this form.

Repair Request for Technology

Please complete this form ASAP so your child's computer can be repaired before school begins. This will help your child be ready for school.

20-21 District Calendars in English and Spanish

Click here for dates for the Rock Hill School District.

Return to School Plan for Rock Hill School District

Click here for details about how we will start this school year.

Returning Student Registration

Click here to complete your child's registration for the fall if they are currently as student in Rock Hill Schools.

Rising Kindergarten Student Registration

Please read the information on this webpage, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Register Now" link. This will take you to the online registration portal. Know that we will collect birth certificates and immunization records at a later time.

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PTO and SIC Information

Parent Teacher Organization and School Improvement Council Update

The PTO serves to raise funds, coordinate volunteers and encourage teachers through appreciation activities. Click on the PTO Newsletter button below if you wish to receive the PTO Newsletter: PTO and SIC are tentatively planning to meet on the second Monday of each month next year. School Improvement Council meets at 5:30 (in the Fish Bowl) and our Parent Teacher Organization meets at 6:30 (in the Media Center.) Elections were held in the spring for these organizations but all parents are welcome to attend to help provide input and volunteer.

PTO Newsletter

Click here if you'd like to sign up for our PTO Newsletter.

School Calendar

August 31-September 2--Parent Teacher Conference Days (Face to Face Students)

September 1-4--MAP Testing and Fast Bridge Assessing (Virtual Students)

September 3--First A Day for Students (Face to Face)

September 4--First B Day for Students (Face to Face)

September 7--Labor Day Holiday

September 8--A Day Students Return (Face to Face); First Day of Virtual Instruction (Kindergarten through Fifth Grade)

Cherry Park is proud to be part of #One Team One Mission One Rock Hill.

Cherry Park Website

This is the link to our school website.