Friday Free Press

December 11,2015

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Administrative Announcements

1. January 4th - Breakfast Faculty Meeting in the LMC @ 7:30. Breakfast is optional. The faculty meeting will begin at 8:00.

2. Requests for an additional copy machine in the faculty lounge will be included in the Capital Expenditure request.

3. Thank-you for the generous donations this Holiday season. We are open to suggestions to streamline the donation requests.

4. Please be reminded to send positive comments and/or suggestions for improvement to administration through Northern Illuminations:

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Books Are Fun

Come shop in the mailroom! Orders are due Monday, Dec. 14th, and delivered on Tuesday the 15th. Wow!
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Happy Birthday to These Friends:

Kimberly Brownlee - Comm. Arts - Saturday, Dec. 12

Cindy Crain - Gateway - Sunday, Dec. 13

Brett Kisker - PLTW - Sunday, Dec. 13

Kelli Penner - Comm. Arts - Sunday, Dec. 13

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