Gorzycki Professional Development

October 12, 2015

Select Your Generation

Baby Boomer 1946-1964

Generation X 1965 - 1979

Millennial 1980- 2000

Generation Activity

What technology was available

What movies were popular

What songs were popular

What did being a "good" student mean

What major events were happening.

Generation Z

Connection over Irrelevance

Choice over Obligation

Collaboration over Isolation

Confident over Discouraged

Connection and Relevance

Do not mistake technology for connection.

Connection is relevant, meaningful, and life changing.


What may students choose? How, order, with whom, materials, etc.

They may not choose what TEKS, level of depth, or rigor of activity.


How is collaboration promoted? Choose partner, what medium to demonstrate mastery, desk in groups, conversations while learning, working in groups


Frequent monitoring, relevant feedback, more opportunities to show mastery