Virtual Resume

Injot Sahota

Academic Smart Goal

S - I would like to achieve a 78% average by the time I finish high-school because I have a 75% average right now.

M - I would make sure that I do better on my tests and assignments every time, so my mark can boost up.

A - I will study 3 days before my tests for 40 minutes to achieve a good mark and do my assignments ahead of time with great effort.

R - Achieving a 78% average is important to me at this point of my life because I know this is necessary fr my career choice and I need to achieve this by grade 12.

T - What I can do to achieve this step by step is starting off by studying more often, then trying more harder on assignments, and then go further on from there for the best results.

Volunteer Smart Goal

S - I would like to achieve 100 or more volunteer hours by the time I graduate high-school.

M - Firstly, I would find a volunteer place and after that I will do up to 40 hours every summer vacation.

A - I would like to do my volunteer hours at my religious temple, so I would go there every other day for a couple of hours during the summer.

R - This achievement is important to me at this time of my life because I think it is better to have more volunteer hours while applying for a job or university.

T - I would set small goals for myself, to achieve this big goal. I would make sure I do like 10-20 hours per week during the 2 summer months.

Future Resume

Injot Sahota

29 Wall Street

Brampton, ON

L6R 0N2


Objective: I am seeking for a full-time job as a Registered Nurse at any Hospital that is local. I am a well-educated Nurse, who has patient care and CO-OP skills. I have done CO-OP before in a Hospital, and helped out with doctors and other nurses for ill patients. I am a compassionate individual who can attend skills for patients in various health situations.

Work Experience:

William Osler Health System

September 2020- February 2021

● Helped Nurses and Doctors around the Hospital

● Took care of some patients files

● Observed and took notes

● Had worked here part-time while studying at York University

Brampton Civic Hospital

September 2016- January 2017

● Have done CO-OP for one semester in grade 11

● Took all my medical tests

● Took great care of patients

● Helped nurses with some tasks


July 2016- June 2018

● Worked part-time at the Bramalea City Center mall

● Helped customers

● Employee of the month award


Louise Arbour Secondary School

September 2014- June 2018

● OSSLT diploma

York University

August 2018-December 2022 (present)

● Bachelors of Health Studies degree (BHS)


● Degree and Diploma

● CPR trained certification

● Honours roll in grade 11 (80% average)

Volunteer Experiences:

Family Clinic

June 2017

● Helped Doctors change the tissue off the seats in each room for the patients

● Picked phone calls and made appointments

Brampton Library

November 2017

● Put books in its correct spots

● Helped people find their needed books


Albert Jano

CB library

150 Central Park Dr

Brampton, ON L6T 1B4


Jene Agrass

Brampton Hospital Nurse

2100 Bovaird Drive East

Brampton, ON L6R 3G7


Challenges and Solutions:

Challenge #1: Relationships with Patients

There are many challenges for Nurses, now a days, but the two that I have chosen are the two major challenges that all nurses face. Relationships with patients are really easy to gain for many Nurses.

Nurses and even many Doctors develop a strong relationship with patients in a very short period of time. This occurs when the two start to communicate more than just patient-nurse ways. It’s when the patient starts to share their feelings with the Nurses, and some Nurses are very sensitive and also start to share their feelings with the patients. The Nurses get emotionally attached to their patients. When their patient is about to die or the Doctors just cannot save the patient’s life, many Nurses find it very hard for them to take that feeling of losing someone that they ended up being very close with. This is a very important and serious challenge for Nurses because many Nurses can also lose their jobs, which is basically their whole career. Nurses should stay professional and not get too attached to their patients, no matter what the reason is.

Nurses need a specific skill, which is keeping their personal and professional life separate. This means to be kind to patients but do not get emotionally attached to their sad story. Nurses must maintain a healthy, stable and professional relationship with their patients.

Challenge #2: Working hours

Under many of the challenges that Nurses face, this must also be one of the top challenges for Nurses. Working hours for Nurses is a huge challenge because Nurses do not have one schedule, they have many that they must adjust to.

Many Nurses complain about their working hours but they do not have any other choice. Nurses can be called in whenever, even on the days you are not working, and you still must come in. Nurses have a big responsibility and must be able to take care of everything. A study shows that Nurses who tend to have working hour problems, have loss of sleep, sleepiness during the day-time and inability to recover between shifts. Nurses who feel tired during their shifts, an also rage out on their patients which is absolutely not a good thing. If patients feel offending by their own Nurses, this can lead to a big issue towards the Nurses career. It is important for everyone to get enough sleep, but it is also important to manage your time equally. The Nurses with back-to-back working shifts have more problems. The Nurses with more problems, slowly tend to leave their jobs, which must be the hardest decision for them. It is important for Hospitals to hire more Nurses. If there are more Nurses hired, then there would be no problem for anyone, including the patients. If there are enough Nurses then all the Nurses can have an equal time of shift and break, which would be amazing. In that case, Patients would be happy because the Nurses would be happy.

These were the top two challenges that Nurses face, and not every job is perfect but every job does also have their benefits.