Endangered Animals of South America

The Maned Wolf

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The Life of a Maned Wolf

This mammal is born in South America, in the countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. The father will keep the pup protected while they learn how to hunt. As the pups grows up, they will eventually leave at age 1. Unlike most wolves, the maned wolf will journey on its own, not in a pack. The wolf will reach sexual maturity at age 1, but doesn't start producing until it is 2 years old. The female wolves can produce 1-5 babies, but the average is 3. They usually give birth to pups in the summer time. The maned wolf can reach 16 years old. That is the life of the maned wolf.
Maned Wolf at Barba Azul

Why is the maned wolf endangered?

This wolf is endangered because hunters kill them for their fur, or for "magic" good luck charms made out of their bones. Some other wolves also kill them because they wander into their territory. However, they mostly die as road kills because of the increased numbers of cars. In Brazil, 60% of their habitat has been destroyed.

What is being done to protect it?

Currently, there is research being done affecting their hormones, nutrition, and captivity stress. There are education programs being developed to help the wolves. However, scientists can't do much by themselves, drivers have to be more careful and be more aware.
Many people are helping the maned wolf and other endangered animals survive, but these animals need your help today! Don't be the last one helping, support them now!


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