SO informational Flyer Ryan Simon


3 ways to be safe while clean are, don't swing the equipment or fool around and use the equipment the way your suppose to use it, wear the proper clothing and do not wear clothes that are not allowed, and don't use water around electrical cord if you have to clean move the cord.

Cleaning Schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is So we will know when we have to clean where we need to clean because if we don't have a cleaning schedule we will have no idea when we have to clean when we will have to clean so it's always useful to have a cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Products

3 cleaning products we use, are window cleaner, sanitizer, and floor cleaner.




The two ways we clean windows are with window cleaner and also a squeegee.


3 items we disinfect in the hospital room, are chairs, tables, and railings of the bed

Bed changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is so you don't get bed sores.

Four techniques to sanitary bed changing are
  • wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • wear gloves
  • raise height of bed to save back
  • set items on a clean surface