August 31, 2018


Another great week at Rockcreek. We had school pictures on Wednesday with the makeup day in October, practiced our drills, had Myoshi visitors, and Kicked off the Walkathon!

Please look below and in your child's backpack for information about the Walkathon.

Qualities of an Expert Learner -

This week our focus was on being resourceful and knowledgeable. What does this mean? Students can scan the room for resources on how to correctly write a letter or spell a word, ask a friend during stations for help on the directions or to read a word, work with parents at home on the skills being covered in class, etc. Please ask your child this week how they are being resourceful and knowledgeable. Being resourceful and knowledgeable is something we can help students become outside of school too. Thank you for your help as we continue to work with our students to become Expert Learners.

Next week we will focus on being goal-directed and strategic. We set goal earlier in the year, however we are almost 4 weeks into school. Have we met our goal yet? Is it time to set new goals? Do we need to revisit our goals and be strategic about how we are going to reach our goals?

Walk-a-thon - Sept. 18th

Spirit Wear - End of Sept.

Trunk or Treat - October 19th - We are looking for volunteers!

United Way - Last week in October

Important Dates

Walk-a-thon - Sept. 18th

New Visitor Checkin

The next phase of the visitor check-in begins on Tuesday, September 4th. Please be prepared with your driver's license or government issued ID if you plan on going anywhere past the office. Thank you for being flexible as we continue to grow and learn with our new safety measures.


The STEM Lab is in need of some recycled supplies. Below is the list of some items that would be helpful. Thank you for your help!

- Shoe boxes

- Toilet paper or paper towel rolls

- Cardboard boxes

- Straws

- Popsicle Sticks

- Wooden Skewers

- Small dowel rods

- Grocery bags

- Dixie cups

- Paper bowls and paper plates

- Pipe cleaners

- Yarn

Planning Week for 5th Grade STEM

1st Grade Pets Needs

Artist of the Week

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Staff Spotlight

Each week we will highlight different staff members at Rockcreek. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives! Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!
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Bulldog Boosters

Please plan to join us for our first Bulldog Boosters meeting on Sept. 6th at 5:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to come hear about the exciting events planned this year, meet new people, and help us continue to do our best for students!

New this year - We will have a PTO meeting 1 time per nine weeks. We will adjust if needed. We are hoping this helps with attendance and participation.

Meeting Dates - Sept. 6th, Nov. 15th, Jan. 17th, and April 11th

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Trunk or Treat

I know October 19th seems like it is pretty far out, but we are looking for volunteers already! Please let us know if you are interested in having a trunk or volunteering in another way for a 30 min. shift. We are looking for volunteers with games, food, and as many trunks as we can get! This year our theme is camping or adventures! Let's be creative!

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