The Election of 1800

Vote Adams

Reason 2

2. Our country would have a strong navy/army at all times. This would essentially keep us safe at all times guarding our country at all times. If Jefferson gets voted into office then the country’s navy/army would not be as strong and would have to struggle in a time of need to get it.

Reason 3

3. The national government would have a stronger say in what happens with the country. While this sounds bad at first, this will allow congress to make better decisions regarding the sake of the country. If Jefferson is voted into office the states will have more power and worry about their personal needs and tear the country apart as what happened in the Articles of Confederation.

Reasons why Adams Is The Best Pick For President

1. Our main ally would be Britain. This would benefit the country economically very well since Britain is our main trading partner. If Jefferson is voted into office France will become our main ally. While they helped us in the war the economy would not fare well.