Street Through Time

By Julia and Caroline

10,000 BC

The Nomads of 1O,OOO BC had a lot of technology for its time. Woman knew how to sew and make animal skin dresses and other clothes. They could also weave baskets using straw. They knew how to use wood that would make a fire and keep them warm. There were men that could fish and make houses. Houses were made by making a tipi of long branches, and then animal skin was laid on the tipi. The Nomads had branches that they would hang meat from to dry. They also had a priest for their Christian religion.

Life Style

In 10,000 BC they hunted, picked, and fished. They made canoes and not big fancy boats. The river was very dirty. They had some dogs and other animals too. Tn 600 BC they rode horses and cut down trees. Their clothes had patterns on them and they made fences. They used bows and arrows to hunt. Then in 100 AD they cut down all of the trees. They had a fancy huge boat and big houses. In the houses there was a living room, where they ate, and lots of bedrooms. There was a very fancy bridge across the river. Then the invaders came in 600 AD and destroyed the Romans way of life. After they tore down the temple and the fort. They made wood houses and the trees grew back. They grew crops and used canoes. In 1200 AD they made a castle, a church and a wind mill. There was a dirt road and they rode horses. In 1400 AD they had really big houses with basements. They would dump their waste out of their window on to the street. The windmill improved from being really simple to being less simple.


The houses in 10,000 BC were very different from the other houses. They were made out of sticks and animal skin. The houses changed in 2,000 BC. Now they were made of wood and looked more like a house. It had a real door and a real roof. The houses in 100 AD REALLY changed. They were way bigger. Everything was bigger. They had lots of rooms and fancy things. In 600 AD the houses were back to wood and plain everything. Then in 1200 AD some people had brick houses, and some had wood. In 1400 AD some people had really big houses. They had a chimney and a basement. The castle improved along with the houses.