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Seasons of Change

The last weekend in October was filled with warm sunshine and fifty-degree temperatures. The flowers were still blooming and I actually considered mowing my yard one last time, and then, winter hit. Overnight there was an abrupt blanket of snow and we found ourselves right back into winter.

The school calendar has a similar effect this time of year. November is the month that seems to come upon us quickly and before we know it, we are on the home stretch to the end of the first semester. Semester grades carry the weight of the permanent record for credits (1/2 credits to be accurate) and grade point average (GPA). I point this out because the weeks will go quickly and I encourage you to tune into progress monitoring of your student's grades.

Regular conversations about major summative projects and upcoming exams are always a good idea. Checkups on I-parent will be your best resource for how final grades are shaping up before the abrupt end of the semester. If you have never set up your I-parent account I encourage you to do so.

Here is the link to set up an I-Parent account:

MSBSD helpline: 761-HELP

Why the Ninth Grade Transition is so Important

There is a great deal of research that goes into the root problems that lead to high school dropout rates. The MSBSD takes a great deal of pride in a continuous improvement cycle for how we can improve our practices. Improving our high school graduation rates is a major focus for our district from the school board down. As a high school principal graduation rates are one of our highest priorities.

Last year PHS graduation rate was 90% for our four-year cohort. Those are the students that started here as freshmen and crossed the stage as seniors. Our actual senior class had an astounding 97% graduation rate last year. When we factor in the four-year cohort we tend to drop an additional 3-10%.

A 90%+ graduation rate is good, but it is still not good enough. One variable that has been identified as a major area of concern is the transition from middle school to high school; support during this transition is critical. If you have a student that is a 9th grader I think you will find the attached link to be a worthwhile read and should provide some great talking points.

We appreciate all the support we get from our Palmer High School families.

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IB Test Registration Information

If you have a student that will be taking IB exams the registration deadline is this coming Friday, November 9th. If you have questions about the registration process please email our IB coordinator, Ms. Henry @

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