The Ghost of Graylock Hall

By: Dan Poblocki

A boy named Neil Cady thought that his life was completely normal until his mom started acting weird. She would cry herself to sleep, murmur things, and claims to see things. When Neil and his sister Bree visit the town Headstone his world is completely turned upside down. Graylock hall is an old mental hospital that was shut down for three deaths at the waters edge. All those incidents led to one thing. Nurse Janet. Nurse Janet was a women who worked at the old Hospital and hadn't been working there for long until one night there was a huge storm knocking out all the lights. Three patients wandered out of the hospital and into the waters edge where they eventually drowned. All claiming to be murdered by Nurse Janet. She was hanged and no one heard from her again. Neil Bree and his friend Wesley decide to visit the hospital 20 years later. They find themselves trapped inside this hospital lost and confused. They later find a way out and have mysterious things happen to them. Lights flickering, doors open and closing, and his sister Bree starts to act devilish and hellish. They meet a man named Andy who helps them find the mystery out. Nurse Janet gives them clues like notes and places where the person who murder the 3 children was. Nurse Janet was completely innocent and that's why she haunted the Cady"s because she wanted them to help her get her justice and find the true killer who was....ANDY (DUN, DUN, DUN) Andy had wanted revenge over Nurse Janet because Andy was evil. So he murdered the three children and led false evidence to nurse Janet. Andy was later killed by nurse Janet and Neil and Bree end up going back home to their mother who turned out okay. And as for Nurse Janet, She ended up resting in peace forever.