Apple Vs. Google

**What are the differences between apple and google**

What does apple emphasize on compared to Google??

Apple iTunes ephasizes more on their music. Making sure people have verity and choice. Google ephasizes on TV shows and music and magazines. The Google play is focused on more then one item or topic.

Who is cheaper?

Google is more expensive with kind of the same things to look at and for they have movies, videos, music, TV shows, and books. Just like apple itunes their looked at the same ways. Except apple iTunes is cheaper and in my oppinion looks better as well.

Apple iTunes Vs. Google play some pictures to help you choose your fav..

Which website is better?

which website layout is better??

Each website has differences the one thats most appealing to me is the apple itunes. It's easier to find certain things, like music, books, movies, TV shows etc. The Google play website to me is boring. I look for the perfect design and Google play, i would say is not my taste.

Accessing Apple itunes and Google play

I would say apple itunes is easier to access. My expierance with Google play isnt as much as someother people, but all you need to have for itunes is an access ID and name whatever your ipod, ipad etc that your using and sinc it so that it pops up. itunes to me is simple and google play there set up the same just a different way to access it.

App availabilty

My favorite app it ABC family. This app allows me to watch T.V shows that i have missed. The cool thing about this app is it doesnt take a week for it to get on thier like websites and it loads fast and usually works amazingly. I watch the lying game, pretty little liars, and tons of other stuff. This app to me is usuful when im in school and bored. It gives me something to do.

What's the approval process of submitting an app to each store? Which one is more likely to have less bugs in their apps? What is the cost to submit an app?

To upload an app to google play you have two requirments
  • --Two screenshots or your application at one of the following sizes: 320x480, 480x800, 480x854, or 1280x800
  • --A high-res 512x512 application icon.

  • once that process is done they will review your app and put it on their website

    To upload an app to itunes you have to join a group called the affiliated program and their they will allow you to sell it to the apple stores and make profits as well

    The one thats most likely going to have less bugs would be Apple. Apple is so known they have a ton of machines and hardware to loose if bugs can be created. They design this based on there revenue. Google play as far as i no is known but less known then apple i have only seen the website never heard of anything other then that.

    The cost for submitting is none as long as you meet these requirements then you are good!!