OILERS Newsletter

August 31, 2020

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School begins on August 12th!

Can you believe it! Summer has ended and it's time to get back online to see our friends and teachers!

OILERS Teacher Contact Information

Our theme for the 2020-21 School Year will be....


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Your NEW CLASS SCHEDULE for the 20-21 school year!

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OILERS will be learning from the Unique curriculum each day in class. During these classes we will be covering reading, math, science, social studies, and life skills.

We will be scheduling sessions for each student to meet weekly with their teacher for progress monitoring. Those sessions will be 30 minutes long.

Live Sessions and Appointments

Live class sessions are so important for every student! We are using a new online classroom called NEWROW! You can attend class on the computer, tablet, even the phone! (See the picture below)

Your daily schedule will be sent to you soon. We will have a "Boot Camp" the first 2 weeks of school, then move in to our normal schedule.

Please try to schedule related service appointments around the live class sessions.

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We get to SEE you on camera this year!

By using our new program NEWROW for classes, everyone is able to be on video! All students will use their web cams to show us their sweet faces during class. This will be such a great way for us to get to know our friends even more!

Teachers can't wait to see your faces!

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • Summer Vacation: May 22 - August 11
  • First Day of School: August 12

For a complete 2020-21 school calendar, please click on the PDF below.

The OILERS Elementary Program

The OILERS program has existed for 8 years at OVCA. We have grown in leaps and bounds through the years from 1 teacher to 6 teachers in K-12 OILERS!

Our goal is to help our students grow in academics, but also in life skills. We are preparing our students to be independent adults!

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Important Websites

IT Support

If you are experiencing technical issues, please use the link above or call 866-512-2273 to submit a ticket.