January 2017

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Link to Blog Post

This section would link to a blog post but have the text of the first paragraph written here so readers will be encouraged to click to read on.

Advisor of the Month

This section will be a feature on a different advisor every month. This will require reaching out to an advisor and having them answer a series of questions. 1. Advisor name 2. Host school 3. Where they are from 4. Why they chose to be an advisor 5. Plans post advising 6. Three fun facts about themselves
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School Showcase

This can include things like where the school is located, how many students attend and how many college acceptances occurred over the last year. Advisors could be utilized in creating some of this content.

Did you Know?

In Georgia, the student-to-counselor ratio is 450:1, leaving students with just 20 minutes a year with a college counselor.

GCAC Fast Facts

In 2014-2015, the advisors collectively held 10,488 one-on-one meetings with students.

Our New Years Resolutions

Here each GCAC staff member will share a personal resolution.

What About You?

This section will also feature a call to action to make giving to GCAC a part of the recipients' New Years resolutions.
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2017 Goals

This section could also feature a fundraising goal for the new year.