Edmund Randolph

Founding Father

Created By Ryan Wagner

Before The Convention

Edmund Randolph was born Aug. 10, 1753 in Williamsburg Virginia. He was educated at the College of William and Mary. He married Elizabeth Nicholas in 1776 and had six children. He was an attorney until the Revolutionary War and then became an aide to General Washington. After the war ended he helped to write Virginia's Constitution and when the Constitutional Convention was planned he attended as a delegate.

Framer of the Constitution

Edmund Randolph played a key role in the Constitutional Convention by proposing the Virginia Plan, written by James Madison. This plan was designed for the large states and had the legislative representatives based on population. The small states made a counter proposal called the New Jersey Plan. Once The Great Compromise was reached he refused to sign the document until The Bill of Rights was added.

After the Convention

After the Constitutional Convention he became the 7th Governor of Virginia, 2nd Secretary of State, and the 1st Attorney General. One famous quote of his is, "There are great reasons when persons with limited powers are justified in exceeding them, and a person would be contemptible not to risk it. He died September 12, 1813.