Cyber Bullies Wanted

There is a reward of $90,000,000 if you turn in this bullies

“The Vengeful Angel”

This is a type of cyber-bullying when the bully doesn't exactly know he is being a bully. He does this like for revenge of himself or someone he cares about. He is doing this to another bully.

The “Power-Hungry” and “Revenge of the Nerds”

This bully bullies because he wants to feel more powerful than the other people and make them feel less than what he is. They also want to get advantage on their authority and do people do thing that they don't want.

“Mean Girls“

This a group of bullies that target one person and bother that person to feel important, powerful and look better. It happens mostly with girls it could be online, at school or at any other setting.

“The Inadvertent Cyberbully“

This is person that feels hurts and wants to make the one that bullied him feel, he wants revenge. While acting he didn't think of the consequences and send very bad things.