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The Notebook

About The NoteBook

In 1946 North Carolina, Noah (one of the main characters) is a mill worker. Rich girl Allie (Another main character) are desperately in love. But the parents don't approve. When Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of love for them. In the mean time Allie becomes involved with another man. Allies marriage goes to a end. But when Allie returns to their home town years later, it soon becomes clear that their romance is not over.

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North Carolina

I think the setting is in a woods area. In the book the author tells that Noah lives in a calm and relaxing area. The setting affects the plot because if Noah lived in a more busy area, he would probably be more social with people. The setting is in North Carolina this impacts on the story because that's where Noah and Allie met each other. Allie moved to a different state and then later in the story she moves back to North Carolina.

North Carolina

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Lon is Allies fiance in the book