November News

Room 9

Social Studies

In social studies this month we conclude our study of our local tribe, the Ohlone. Students have been working in collaborative groups and have been investigating specific topics in class. Group presentations will be given the week of November 4th. During the presentations, students will take notes to assist them in the final assessment using Google Presentation.

In addition, Ranger Keith will visit Loyola on Monday and Thursday, November 18th and 21st, for a third grade assembly. His program will reinforce what students have learned about the life of the Ohlone through hands-on activities including: acorn grinding, hunting, fire making, games, clothing, song and dance.

On December 6th the third graders will rotate through all four classrooms to participate in our own Ohlone morning. Students will create different art projects such as a mini wickiup and Ohlone figure. Parent volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated.