White Bengal Tigers: Endangered

By Alejandro Martinez

Basic information

The white Bengal tiger,( Panthera tigris) is an obviously white tiger with chocolate to black stripes. The size range of the majestic ales is up to 3 meters in length, and 200-230 kilos. The females are up to 2.5 meters in length and 130-170 kilos.

Animal habitats, general location, and diet.

The white bengal tiger's habitat is usually a dense forest or a lush grassland. This majestic creature is usually found in India, it's birthplace.

The white Bengal tiger's diet in the wild is usually on horse-like creatures, hogs and deer.

FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!

All white bengal tigers are actually very closely related, considering there was very few of them at first, they are actually more related than most other species.

White Bengals are actually more muscular, athletic, and territorial than other types of animals and tigers. Some moms get mad if you want to take a picture!

Why are they endangered?

White tigers have no history of natural enemies, they usually only do what's instinctive.The main reason they have such a small population is because they have a history of genetic defects, causing early deaths in some.

Sadly, these rare animals only have an estimated population of about 200...

The main conservative efforts being taken are wildlife reserves around india, but not much more.

What can we do to help?

This is tough. Since the white tiger was bred, many call it a subspecies, not it's own, so the main thing we can do is support it. Even though they may not be their own species, they deserve to be helped and conserved. They are pretty amazing too.

"White tigers... beautiful today and gone tomorrow."