VIP Sample Sale!!

Stella & Dot by Julie M Smith


It's that time again...the Holiday Collection is here and I need to make room for my new samples! Good news for you- fabulous pieces are available at 50% (or more!) off!

Important reminders:

- If you see something you want, contact me ASAP! Post a comment in the Facebook thread/private message/text/email! I will give each piece to the first person who claims it!

- All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

- If you require shipping, I will add $1 or $2 to your order to help cover the cost. (I will discuss this with you before adding the amount.)

- I accept cash, check or PayPal (

- Arrangements for pick-up, delivery, or shipping will be made once payment has been received.

*Note: The name, price and other info is listed under each piece!

**If you have any questions, let me know!!

Now...onto the fun part!!



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Phoenix Pendant

$50 (original price: $118)
*Retired and sold out
**Versatile piece (wear short or long)
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Pop Geo Necklace

$44 (original price: $89)
*Retired and sold out
**Versatile piece (wear short or long)
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Sutton Necklace- Green Stone

$80 (original price: $178)
*Versatile Piece (Can be worn 5 ways!)


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Sardinia Bracelet

$49 (original price: $98)
Big image

Jardin Bracelet

$29 (original price: $59)
Big image

Milana Tassel Bracelets

$24 (original price: $49)
*Versatile (three separate bracelets, removable tassel)


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Flora Chandeliers

$24 (original price: $49)
Statement weight (I don't think they feel heavy at all!)
*Versatile (3 in 1 earrings)
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Bianca Earrings

$19 (original price: $39)
Medium weight (I think they are very light!)
*Versatile (2 in 1 earrings)


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Florence Stackable Bands

$24 (original price: $49)
Size 6
*Versatile (3 bands can be worn together or separately)
Big image

Arabesque Cocktail Ring

$14 (original price: $29)
Size S/M (fits ring size 5-7)


Big image

Flamingo Tote


Tunic & Scarf

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