Hello Everyone!

My name is Jodi J. Staplins

All About Me

I am a mother of four; two sons, 25 and 13, and two daughters, 24 and 21. I am also a grandmother of two beautiful little girls both turning 3 years old this year.I was born and raised in Providence, R.I.. I am also a football mom. My 13 year old son has been playing since he was 5. Just recently I found out that he has Aspberger's and his bone growth is delayed by 1-2 years. It is a lot to take in at once but it has answered a lot of questions about him. He has always been different than my three oldest.
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All About Me Professionally

I started in the Early Childhood field as a volunteer in the Head Start program in my hometown. I was a volunteer for many years until I was asked if I wanted a position as a teacher assistant. I am still there 16 years later. I am just one class away from earning my associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. I am then going on to earn a bachelor's then a masters in Early Childhood Education. I would love to get a position in administration in the Head Start program.