GVES FINAL 2020 Announcements

June 5, 2020

Principals' Message

Happy last day of school GVES families!

We are so proud of this learning community and all of the resilience it has demonstrated this school year! At Garnet Valley Elementary, we will proudly remember it as a time that our community banded together, lifted each other up, and persevered to continue the social, emotional, and academic education important to all of us. We wish all of our families a summer less socially distanced, more connected, and above all filled with gratitude for one another.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the pickup line Monday and Tuesday next week!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Conley

What's happening in GVES this week?

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Access Password: 9h..*^!5

Instrument Returns

Music @ Arts Instrument rentals:

Currently the Wilmington, DE store is accepting physical returns. As the PA counties move into the yellow phase the stores will be offering curbside service (at the minimum). If parents want to be sure that the account is not accruing debt, they need to call customer service and have the company put the account into the return pending status. The phone number is: 888-731-5396.

Zeswitz Instrument rentals:

Please call the company directly and arrange for a no contact porch pickup at your home. 610-406-4300

Teacher Wave Map

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GVES Student Belonging Pick Up

Over the next couple of weeks, our staff will organize all of your child’s belongings and place them in bags for pick up. The items will be ready to be picked up on Monday, June 8th or Tuesday, June 9th. In order to keep everyone safe and have our pickup process run as smoothly as possible, we ask that you please follow the processes and schedule outlined below.

  • Prior to arriving at GVES, please write your child’s name and his/her homeroom teacher’s name on a piece of paper. Place your district-issued iPad, any borrowed books/textbooks/items from classrooms or the library in your trunk.

  • Enter GVES via Station Rd. and stay to your right like you are proceeding into carline.

  • As you approach our cafeteria doors display the paper with your child’s name.

  • When you pull up, pop your trunk and a GVES staff member will retrieve any returned items and place your child’s belongings in your trunk.

Additionally, we ask that you follow the schedule below and choose the day that works best for your schedule. If you have more than one student in our building we will happily provide both students’ materials at the same time.

June 8th

  • 9-11 3rd Grade

  • 11-1 4th Grade

  • 1-3 5th Grade

June 9th

  • 9-11 3rd Grade

  • 11-1 4th Grade

  • 1-3 5th Grade


If you're not able to return your device Monday or Tuesday please feel free to send someone in your place following all of the same precautions. If that is not an option we will be in touch next week with additional options.
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Elementary iPad Program for 2020-2021 School Year

All K-5 students will receive an iPad this summer to use at school and at home. In order for your child to receive his/her iPad, a parent/guardian must sign off on Garnet Valley’s Acceptable Use Policy, iPad Care, and decide if they would like to purchase insurance for the device. All parents must complete this process for their child to receive an iPad.

There is NO charge for this iPad. However, if parents would like to purchase insurance for accidental damages, they can now do so. So that we can offer families the lowest possible rate, Garnet Valley has partnered with Edvative, an educational non-profit, to assist with this program.

This program is optional and offered to Garnet Valley families who want the peace of mind of having their child’s iPad insured for accidental damages for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • For students entering grades 1-5 as of September 2020, please click HERE. (incoming Kindergarten students will be done in August)
  • For our current 5th grade students who will be entering GVMS in the fall, please click HERE for GVMS' Chromebook Program.


Please contact Kim Smith at smithk@garnetvalley.org if any of the circumstances below apply to your family so that you can be sent the appropriate paperwork and instructions.

1. You have moved/are planning to move within the District before the start of the 20/21 school year. Note: ALL change of address paperwork requires 2 proofs of residence.

2.You are planning to withdraw your student from GVES at the end of the 19/20 school year.


Garnet Valley School District is committed to the academic, social, and emotional learning of our students. Through our online learning platforms, teachers are providing qualitative feedback regularly to students on the work they complete. We know students, parents, and teachers are working hard as they engage in and provide a supportive online learning environment. Yet during this unprecedented time, we understand that stress, differences in resources, and the varying online learning readiness of our children all impact student performance. Given the impact of these factors, while also choosing to support a child’s learning, not performance, grades at the elementary level would not be an accurate measure of competency at this time and will not be issued on the standardized progress report. On the progress report, the feature N/A is indicative that skills cannot be accurately measured at this time and are instead being addressed through the direct feedback provided by your child’s teachers in Seesaw and Schoology. As we move forward with the academic year, students will be expected to complete weekly assignments and teachers will continue to provide supportive, qualitative feedback through the online learning platforms. At the close of the third trimester, you will have the ability to download a .zip archive of your child’s Seesaw journal or will have access to your child’s course(s) in Schoology.

Garnet Valley CTC Quick Tip #39 – Global Citizenship Begins at Home

Did you know? Current events challenge us to reinforce the principle of equity for all members of the Garnet Valley community regardless of skin color. From 2015 to 2017 the combined percentages of students who self-identified as Hispanic, Latino, of Spanish origin, American Indian, Black/African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Multi-racial has increased from 23.9% to 26.2%. When all students were asked if they had ever been bullied, an average of 9% of 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders cited that the color of their skin was the reason. Bullying that is based on the color of a student’s skin impacts the victim and the student who bullies in negative ways. Students who stand by and do not intervene or report the bullying are also impacted. If we want to prepare our students to take their place in the global economy this behavior needs to change.

Call to action… The Garnet Valley community has always risen to a challenge. Superintendent Marc Bertrando has asked us all to, “meet the vision of treating one another with respect, empathy, and inclusivity.” Ask your student what they think about bullying based on skin color. With respect to your student’s age, see what they have heard and thought about current events. The American Psychological Association has suggestions for ongoing conversations about identifying and preventing discrimination of any kind. When students and families are focused on equity and stepping up to support everyone, we all win. See the link below.



The Parent Portal on our district website provides important information to help parents.navigate the GV school experience. Below is the link to the parent portal:


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