Lyndon B. Johnson

Created By: Taylor Johnson

How did Johnson become president?

  • Sworn in after death of Kennedy

The Great Society

The Great Society

  • Set of domestic programs
  • Set to ell inmate poverty and racial injustice
  • Addressed education, medical care, urban problems, and transportation
  • Economic opportunity act
  • Two education acts

24th Amendment

24th Amendment

  • January 23 1964
  • Conditioned the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax
  • Prevented African Americans from voting

Tonkin Gulf Resolution & Vietnam War

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

  • Gave Johnson authorization without formal declaration of war
  • Conventional military source in Southeast Asia
  • Opperation Pierce Arrow

Vietnam War

  • Did not consider Vietnam as a priority
  • USS Maddox was damaged along with USS Turner Joy by North Vietnam
  • Opperation Flaming Dart

Civil Rights Act of 1964 & Voting Rights Act

Civil Rights Act of 1964:

  • Have government more control to enforce school desegregation
  • Prohibit racial discrimination of all kinds in public accommodations and employment

Voting Rights Act:

  • Against racial discrimination
  • Outlawed literacy tests and sent federal voter registrars into several southern states



  • John F. Kennedy

Major events in Vietnam war

  • Victory in Vietnam

Why is this year important?

  • Desegregation