All About Me

by: Eli Hagen

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My Hobbies

playing games (especially minecraft)-Minecraft - Info & Latest News, Review, Videos, Images, Products - - 2560 × 1440 - Search by image

I also collect figures and cards (any type of cards).

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What Smart Am I?

I am music, picture, and body smart.


I like to play soccer.

School subjects and strengths.

Science, art, and reading are my favorite school subjects.


being paid a lot

learning styles!

I learn by hearing in general. I talk it through in math. Then I learn by myself in social.

Holland code!

Investigative, Artistic.

My three career clusters

1. Education and Training
2. Government and Public Administration
3. Human Services

A job I researched.

Video game designer.

The typical salaries range from $50,900 to $110,220 per year.

Technical college is helpful for video game designer students