The Industrial Revolution

Lauren Yates

What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a time period in which people started using machines instead of animals. A lot of people came up with new inventions. Some people were forced to work in factories with horrible working conditions and people would get treated with major disrespect. The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain or Europe.

Working Conditions

What were the working conditions like in the factories during the Industrial Revolution?

The working conditions in the factories were so bad that sometimes they were dangerous. In many rooms, the air has particles of dust and it is dangerous if you breathe too much of the air in. Also some of the littler kids get sprayed with water so they are constantly cold and wet.
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What was child labor and the conditions of it?

Child labor is when you take a kid under the age limit and make them work. The child labor conditions were horrible. They would often have to work 10-14 hours a day in harmful conditions. This prevented them from attending school during the day

Industrial Revolution Pictures