North Tiger Beat

March 2021

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100 Days of School!!!

We have reached our 100 days of school. I know many of us have earned some gray hairs this year. Some of our students have the head of hair to prove it!!
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Happy March

We are very excited about the news that our students are returning full-time starting on April 5th. In order to prepare and have students return we continue to ask for support from our families. Our procedures and guidelines are in place to minimize the transmission of COVID in our school setting. Here are some updates and reminders:

Bus Transportation

There are no longer capacity restrictions on buses. This means that students can share the same seats on the bus. Students are required to wear masks at all times on buses. If your child currently takes the bus on their cohort days, we will keep them as taking the bus 5 days a week. We continue to follow the bus policy of one drop-off and one pick-up location. Please note that due to more students being on the bus, bus routes may take longer which will impact pick-up and drop-off times.

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Due to more students attending daily, we need parents to continue to be patient and follow procedures to ensure safe drop-off and parent pick-up. To help minimize wait time, please remain in your car and have your child exit from the passenger side. Please drive up as far as you can to allow for additional cars behind you. Please continue to work with students on how to buckle themselves in their own seats or to be independent safely entering and exiting vehicles. We will continue to use the scanner to identify you and your child. Please make sure you have QR code ready to be scanned.

Travel Guidelines

We are still following the travel guidelines. Please report out-of-state travel to our school nurse as this will also help us determine when it is safe to return your child to the building.

Students with Symptoms

Please continue to screen your children prior to coming to school. Cold symptoms mimic Covid symptoms, especially in younger children. If your child is noted to be having one or more symptoms from the Covid list, please keep your child home and contact our school nurse, Stephanie Roy.


Students and adults on school grounds need to wear masks. Students will be wearing masks at all times, except during lunch or snack time, and during adult-supervised mask breaks. Due to the increased number of students in the building and at recess, students will be asked to wear masks during recess unless during a supervised mask break.

Important Dates

March 24th: Parent-Teacher Conferences by appointment NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

March 24th: Somerset Middle School Building Forum at 6:00 Zoom link to be sent the day before

March 26th: Somerset Berkley Ed Foundation Trivia Night 7:00 PM Zoom link to be sent the day before

April 2nd: No School


April 14th: Early Release @ 12:00 (Bag lunch to take home)

April 19th-23rd: Vacation (No School)

April 27th-PTO Meeting 6:00 Zoom link to be sent the day before

April 28th- Early Release @ 12:00 (Bag lunch to take home)

May 31st- Memorial Day No School

June 6th- Early Release @ 12:00 (Bag lunch to take home)

June 15th, June 16th, June 17th - Early Release @ 12:30 (Bag lunch to take home)

Parent Teacher Conferences by Appointment

Culture Week

These smiling eyes say it all!! Our North students loved sharing their heritage with us.


Random Acts of kindness

Fourth graders donated necessities and treats to help the homeless individuals living in their area. They then made individual bags with items and a handwritten note to let the recipient know others care about them.

Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's Birthday

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From our Tech Team

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope this email finds you and your family well. As we move into March and combination (remote and hybrid, conducted simultaneously) learning continues, we wanted to keep the lines of communication open to you all regarding tech support. Please contact us regarding any technology issues, questions or concerns you may have.

We continue to offer Tech Tuesday on the first Tuesday of the month, with June Mitchell at South School and Chris Green at Chace; North parents and students may choose either for help, if needed. The links for the signups are on the school websites - June’s Signup is on the South website, while Chris’ is on the Chace website. This help can be either virtual (via Google Meet) or face to face, with a parent bringing the CB to the school. Please let us know if we can help with any technology questions or concerns. We can also schedule a phone call or Google Meet to resolve technology issues as needed.

As stated in February, we’ve seen an upswing in the number of damaged Chromebooks; we are including a link (CLICK HERE) to help guide parents and students on care and maintenance of your school issued Chromebook. Please pay particular attention to the portion on cleaning your screen - never spray any liquid directly on the screen, and harsh cleaners such as Windex should never be used on a computer screen.

At this point, we are extremely limited on our supply of replacement Chromebooks; we have a working list of students that need to have devices swapped out; due to the critically low number of replacements we have, the only ones we’re able to swap at this point are those that are not functional - either with broken screens or will not turn on. We understand that a growing number of students have CBs that have non-functional cameras, and ask that you continue to use these until we contact you regarding a swap.

If students are using their own (or a family device) to access their schoolwork, please see the link below. We STRONGLY recommend using the Chrome browser to do schoolwork, and this link (CLICK HERE) will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Chromebook to your school account.


June Mitchell - - 508-324-3180

Chris Green - - 508-324-3160.

Best regards,

June & Chris

Grade Level Happenings


In preschool this month some classes celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year by practicing drumming, making dragons out of recycled boxes, and doing a dragon dance parade. Other classes have been working on the Pets Study and learning about the types of pets we have, how we care for them, and how they make us feel. Students also enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school by building with 100 items and by dressing up on March 5th!

1st Grade

The first graders have a busy month ahead! We have come back to planet Earth from outer space and will continue our informative reading and writing activities, this time with seeds and growing as our topic. In mathematics, we will be identifying and using strategies for addition and subtraction. The relationship between these two operations is an important part of early number sense and will carry over to the next math chapter, too. In science, the first graders are working in the area of physical science as we learn about the properties of light and sound. Independent reading practice will have an increased focus for all students and we look forward to discussing ways to increase student reading time with our families at parent teacher conferences later in the month. As we “march” into spring, we feel lucky for our friendships and appreciate all the hard work that everyone is demonstrating.

2nd Grade

March is here!!! This month is certainly coming in like a lion with many events and activities to celebrate. We marked the 100th day of second grade on our 1st day of March. Second graders are showing how they are 100 days wiser through various Literacy, Math and STEM activities!! The beginning of March also brought in Read Across America and Culture week. We have celebrated by sharing wonderful stories and discussions about how we can all learn and love how different we all are!!

In Reading, exploring informational texts has connected to our Writing of Informational Reports. Our students have been engaged as they use text features to learn about the world! Understanding that illustrations and specific features from informational texts can better help them understand what they are reading. Using a variety of topics, the classes will read articles closely, while going back into the text to find evidence. This text evidence helps to form clear and concise answers to questions. As writers, your child has been writing lengthier pieces of informational reports containing an introduction, main idea, and conclusion paragraph.

Get ready for 2 digit and 3 digit addition and subtraction in our next few Math chapters. Students will be looking at many strategies to working on multi-digit addition and subtraction. Continuing to practice math facts in the Reflex program will help with this multi-digit math.

Please take some time to enjoy the outdoors as the weather begins to warm up! Fresh air and outdoor play contributes to a healthy mind!

Have a great March!

3rd Grade

We are so excited to see our third graders are marching into spring! In math students are learning about fractions greater than a whole and will move into learning about fractions of a group. In ELA we are wrapping up our study of non-fiction text, focusing on how text features help readers better understand what they are reading. Next, in writing, we are continuing our practice of informational writing and will be jumping into learning how to write opinion pieces soon. The American Revolution is our focus in social studies, and in science children are completing their exploration of motion and matter. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone coming back to in-person learning five days a week very soon!

4th Grade

Hello, 4th-grade families! It is hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. We are all looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather! During the month of March, students will be continuing to learn about fractions in math. Once students have mastered how to create equivalent fractions and compare them, they will then begin to apply these skills to addition and subtraction of fractions. Please continue to encourage your child to get their green light regularly on Reflex to help practice and master their multiplication facts. Science classes will be continuing to learn about energy this month. They will be focusing on magnetism, different forms of energy, energy transfer, and the conservation of energy. In reading and writing, students will continue to work with expository text. They will be reading different types of expository text and learning about the different organizational structures used in this genre. They will also continue to learn strategies to create their own expository writing pieces. Students will continue working on grammar skills as well as reading strategies to apply to both their reading and responding to text. All students should continue to get their Lexia minutes in each week, which will further reinforce the language art skills they are learning in the classroom. Finally, in social studies, students will be focusing on the midwestern region of North America. Students will learn about the history, climate, landscape, economy, natural resources, landmarks, and culture of this region.

5th Grade

March has certainly come in like a lion, but spring is in the air! This month, in math students, will be learning about fractions. They will be able to identify equivalent fractions, simplify fractions, as well as add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators. Please continue to encourage your child to practice their math facts by using Reflex, or flashcards. In ELA, students will continue learning about different text structures for nonfiction texts. They have been working on researching and writing informative essays about Real-Life Superheroes. Students will continue to read non-fiction texts in celebration of Women's History Month. In Social Studies, we have been learning about the key events leading up to the American Revolution. We will continue to learn about the Revolutionary War and the lasting effects. In Science, students have been exploring mixtures and solutions. We look forward to speaking with you during parent-teacher conference
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Senior Capstone Project Leading a Helping Hand!!!

  • Donation box for ER nurses (Capstone Projects from SBRHS Sr.). We are collecting one more week. Please send in any donations by March 23rd.
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Ms. Wilson's Art Corner

We all continue to be impressed by our North Elementary artists! We are looking forward to the spring season which will inspire many of our art lessons.

We can’t wait to see everyone back in school! As many of us will be coming to school 5 days per week, it is very important that students bring in their own art materials on days they have art, as we cannot share supplies. Please see Art supply lists from the beginning of the school year.


Kindergarten students have been learning about the shapes that make up the body and are in the process of creating their expressive spring self-portrait paintings. They had fun posing in different ways to investigate how their arms and legs bend.

First Grade

First graders were introduced to Claude Monet and have been exploring his water lily paintings, noticing the many different colors he used. After painting their own pond, using their choice of colors first graders will be adding their collaged lily pads and water lilies to their paintings.

Second Grade

In collaboration with the Jan Brett author study, second graders have been continuing their exploration of form, creating their eastern box turtles based on Jan Brett’s Mossy. We have been looking closely at the shapes, patterns, and colors of these beautiful creatures, while also discussing the story of Mossy.
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Third Grade and Fourth Grade

Third and fourth graders have been busy working on their dragon collages and exploring the traditions and customs of the Chinese New Year. They learned that the dragon is a symbol of good luck and also one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Fifth Grade

We have just begun the grade 5 North tile project and will be working on our tiles over the upcoming weeks. Students are very excited about creating their own legacy here at North and have been sketching rough drafts of their illustrated positive character trait.
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Nurse Stephanie

Happy March!!

As our community Covid numbers decrease, this reflects in our pediatric population as well. We have seen a significant decline in the number of Covid positive students and close contacts in our school.

If your student was exposed to someone with Covid-19, please notify the School Nurse as soon as possible. This will help us determine when your child can return to school safely. All protected health information will remain confidential.

We are still following the travel guidelines. Please report out-of-state travel as this will also help us determine when it is safe to return your child to the building.

Please continue to screen your children prior to in person learning. Cold symptoms mimic Covid symptoms, especially in younger children. If your child is noted to be having one or more symptoms from the Covid list, they will be placed into immediate isolation and asked to be dismissed from school. They will need to remain out of school for 10 days or provide a negative Covid screen to return prior. Until we can determine if your child’s symptoms are in fact, not Covid related, it places the population of our school in jeopardy.

If your child has had a recent physical, please send along a copy for their medical records.

The Department of Public Health has waived our screenings this year. If your student’s teacher, or yourself, are having concerns about their vision or hearing, please contact their primary pediatrician for evaluation. We will also not be conducting BMI and postural screens.

Somerset Berkley Education Foundation is hosting a TRIVIA NIGHT!!! FRIDAY, March 26th at 7:00PM

The Somerset Berkley Foundation has given grants to our Somerset schools over the past couple of years that have helped us enrich our classrooms and school environments. One recent example is the Integrated Preschool Playground Communication Board that was installed. In addition the Foundation purchased the Learning Farm Education software for all of the 5th-grade teachers and students to use. Please consider supporting their events as they focus on the Somerset and Berkley schools. Register today!!

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Somerset Middle School Building Forum

Please attend the SMS Building Project Forum on March 24th at 6:00 PM. They will be providing a live tour. It is a great time to learn information on the project.
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Family BINGO Night Sponsored by the North PTO

Join us again April 9th at 6:00.
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