Kwanzaa , Angel Tree


When it begins?

Thursday December 26/2013 . Ends Wednsday January 21/2014

What is kwanzaa ?

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the united states and also celebrated in the western african culture, and is observed from december 26 to January 1 culmanating in a feast and gift - giving. Kwanzaa has seven core principals (Nguzo Zaba). It was created by Manuala Karenga , and was first celebrated in 1966 - 67

Why is it significant ?

Is important to the african american people


How is it celebrated ?

Its celebrated in a different way of christmas and instead of christmas

Similiar / Different ?

no is way different because kwanzaa is for african americans

Day is it on ?

Thursday December 26 ends on Wensday January 1

Who else celebrates kwanzaa ?

Some other africans , from different countries

What do we do on the holidays ?

Celebrate it , have fun , be happy , relax and just have fun

Do we go to church ?

No .. i dont know why

Christmas eve or Christmas Day ?

Both is pretty fun when we do both (:

What do i want for new years ?

I want a iphone 5s for new years

Purpose of angel tree ?

Is too help kids who dosent get their presents

Who does it help ?

All the people who celebrate angel tree

What can you donate to this orginazation ?

Food some presents , and good behavior with the people your sharing with