The Dynamic Genome Outreach Group

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Our Mission

The purpose of The Dynamic Genome Outreach Group is to inspire and educate K-12 students in molecular biology and related research science, guided by UCR students through hands-on experience

About Us

As members of The Dynamic Genome Outreach Group [DG], we serve the Riverside and San Bernardino communities. Most of our events take place on Saturdays at 8 a.m-1p.m. Personally, we believe this shows the dedication of K-12 students, DG members, and DG advisers. We enjoy what we do and K-12 students always learn and walk out of the lab knowing some of the following.

  • How to use advanced scientific equipment
  • Understand biological concepts.
  • Weather they enjoy the sciences.
  • Some of them decide to commit to UCR after a DG event.