Vietnam War

By Justin Rangel

The Vietnam war was a war caused by communism. The U.S helped South Vietnam fight against North Vietnam and Communism. It was the longest war for the US. The US got involved to stop the spread of Communism. North Vietnam wanted to unify the country. When John F. Kennedy became President, the US became more involved. In 1976, North and South Vietnam combined to make Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The war was over.

In the US, the effects of the war lasted a long time. Many Americans opposed US involvement in the war. Protests and riots affected Presidential elections. Protests finally ended with withdrawal of troops.

Impact of war

The Vietnam War had a huge impact. Many people were killed during the war. Many soldiers returned with serious disabilities due to chemicals. The war had a lasting impact on the future by influencing politics and elections. It also made a lasting impact on Americans beliefs of war.

Five Fun Facts

1. The Vietnam War was also called the Second Indochina War.

2. John F. Kennedy was the first US President assassinated during a war.

3. In Vietnam, the war was called the American War.

4. The war occurred in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

5. The war lasted from November 1955 to April 1975.

Present day connection

The Iraq War is similar to the Vietnam War. The US was again fighting another expensive war in another country. Americans disagreed with the government sending troops to fight. And once again, we were not welcome. Both wars were considered senseless.
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