The Stella & Dot Dream Team

CONGRATULATIONS ROYALS! August Team volume was our second highest ever - over $27,500 in gorgeous style shared!!! Each and every single pair of studs in our stylish little packages created some joy for someone! BE PROUD!! And, I've got to say that I shopped my own 'store' a few times this month - and the excitement of getting my own Stella & Dot package is still so special! Let's work together and help each other hit our Fall goals. And always remember that the goals of YOUR business can be related to selling, booking, social sharing, sponsoring, styling.... YOU CHOOSE. Share tips, connect, support, congratulate and cheer for each other. Tag and 'like' your stella sisters on social media - embrace your tribe. September is going to be spectacular!!!


Erin Reckner, Associate Director and Heart of Leadership Star Stylist

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Caitlin Nystrom - NUMBER ONE!!!!! $5,480 (Stellar Sellar Bonus $100 PC & 7% Cash Bonus)

Erin Reckner - $3,519 (5% Cash Bonus)

Niccole Vereen - $3,228 (5% Cash Bonus)

Kristin Post - $3,143 (5% Cash Bonus)

Nora Cecil - $2,562 (5% Cash Bonus)

Shannon Miller = $2,476 (5% Cash Bonus)

Alysha Ricketts - $2,089

Joya Cummings - $1,534

Dana Zaratsian - $774

Leah Blazek - $551

Becca Mount - $537

Active in August // Brand Ambassadors // Sales up to $499 : Linda Suponcic, Brandi Osterman, Liz Shirey, Kristy Murphy, Beth Campbell, Heather Funk, Jackie Alspaugh, Denise Eblin


  • Alysha Ricketts, Valley Stream, NY (Upline: Niccole Vereen)
  • Kristin Post, Rocky River, OH (Upline: Erin Reckner)
  • Shannon Miller, Westerville, OH (Upline: Erin Reckner)
  • TiAnna Colombo, Marengo, OH (Upline: Erin Reckner)
  • Reneé Page, Columbus, OH (Upline: Erin Reckner)

Royals on parade - August FB posts that got lots of love. <3

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Reply to this email with your September Stella & Dot plans. Are you going to shop your store on the 9th and scoop up the BEAUTIFUL rose gold jewels? Is a promotion in your sight line? How about picking a date for your upcoming holiday open house? Passing out 5 look books? Posting 3 selfies? Hitting Stellar Sellar? Your plans are unique to YOU. Share them with me so that I can support and unlock resources for you. This month all who share and reply to me will go into a drawing for some great Stella swag! I've got display items, biz supplies and JEWELS to hand out. LET'S HEAR YOUR PLANS!!!! GO!!!!
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