Habit 3 Put First Things First

The 4 Quadrants, Planning, Comfort and Courage Zone


The four quadrants are the procrastinator, the prioritizer, the yes-man, and the slacker. Quadrant 2 ( the prioritizer ), is the best option if you spend most of your time in quadrant 2, you will most likely have a balanced and more successful life. Get a planner and plan weekly even if you plan light it will help you manage and use your time more wisely. Step out of your comfort zone, never let fears control you, and resist peer pressure even if it means removing yourself from a certain environment. There is good peer pressure.

Regain Balance

Baby Steps

Get a planner and try it for 30 days.

Identify your biggest time wasters and write them down.

Are you a "pleaser" . If so try your best to work up to courage to say NO once in a while.

Look at any fears that are holding you back and write them down.

Identify if the most influential person in your life and ask yourself is that person making decisions for me?