If you want to have bling, then let Silver be your thing.

Learn Interesting Facts of silver

  1. Silver is the most reflective of all the elements
  2. Silver is also the best electric conductor
  3. As well it is the highest thermal conductivity
  4. Silver is extracted from copper and lead ore
  5. Pure silver is to soft to make jewelry
  6. The first silver boom was in Comstock Lode Nevada 1858

Just the facts

  • Silver
  • Symbol Ag
  • Atomic Number 47
  • Atomic Mass 107.868
  • Number of protons 47
  • Number of neutrons 60
  • Number of electrons 47
  • Melting point 961.78 degrees Celsius
  • Boiling point 2612 degrees Celsius
  • Normal phase solid

More facts

The price of silver is $16.60 per once

Silver was discovered in prehistoric times

Silver belongs to the copper family

Silver atom

It contains 47 protons, 60 neutrons, and 47 electrons
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