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Home of the Soaring Eagles! Week 9/12

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CHA Safety and Security Committee

CHA is looking for a few of our student family members to join our CHA Safety and Security Committee. We will be having our first meeting on Sept 29, 2022 at 9:00 am. We will be meeting in the elementary conference room.

Please come by if you have a moment. We look forward to your help and input.

Car Pick up reminder

As a reminder for parents, we are asking that all parents who pick up their scholar in the car pick up lines; please remember to put your purple sheets with your scholars' name in the windshield of your car. If you have multiple scholars please make sure one for each scholar is in the windshield. We need all parents doing this every single day to help keep our pick up like moving as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation on this.

Lunch Menu 9/12-9/16

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Please help our school

Hello Parents,

Today, your child is bringing home a Parent Information Envelope letting you know about a safe and easy way for our school to raise funds for essential tools our students and teachers need to succeed.

The SchoolStore fundraiser is 100% online so there is NO face-to-face selling, handling money, or delivering products. Your participation will take less than 12 minutes, and there are exciting prizes to make it fun for the students.

Here is all you need to do to participate:

1. Go to to sign up.

2. Send form emails inviting family, friends and co-workers to support your child.

3. Return the Envelope with the Student Prize Code to school for your child to get their fun participation prize.

Be sure to ask your child for the Parent Envelope tonight. Your participation will make a difference for our school and teachers!


Chapel Hill Academy

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Attendance information and ID badges

*Attendance notes may be submitted to or brought to the front office. Notes must be received within 3 school days of the absence. A doctor’s note is required for 3+ consecutive absences. For more information about absences, please see the handbook. (Handbook, p. 37-39)

*Early dismissals end at 2:45pm. Parent/guardian must be in the office no later than 2:45pm for the early dismissal to be honored. Valid ID is required, and the person must be on the emergency contact list. You may add/update your student’s emergency contact information in Parent Portal. (Handbook, p. 35)

*Office staff will NOT accept any drop off lunches for your child. If your child is not eating the meals that are being offered, it is the parent’s/guardian’s sole responsibility to ensure that your child has their lunch when they are being dropped off each morning in the carpool lane. If your child forgets their lunch, they may eat a healthy nutritious reimbursable meal that is offered through our Child Nutrition Program. (Handbook, p. 44)


*In an effort to increase the safety and security of all CHA students and staff, and to effectively identify individuals on campus, CHA will require all students to wear an Identification Device (ID) badge while on CHA property.

● This badge must be visible at all times and hung by a lanyard around the student’s neck. These identification cards will be required for students to check out media center materials, log into technology devices, and to eat in the cafeteria.

● Failure to wear the CHA ID badge, or carry the ID badge in a proper manner will result in a lunch detention

● ID cards are not to be altered or edited in any way; this includes ○ Drawing on the badge itself (front or back) ○ Drawing or intentionally damaging the plastic badge holder ○ Putting stickers on the badge or plastic holder

● Any student that damages or forgets to bring their ID badge will be required to have a temporary badge printed at the beginning of the school day.

○ Temporary badge procedures:

■ 1st - sticker replacement

■ 2nd - sticker/admin communication to parents/lunch detention

■ 3rd - sticker/call to parents, student charged $5 for replacement

○ Students must have their ID badge to participate in school activities, either individually or with a group.

■ Student assistant of any kind

■ Checking out library book

■ Eating in the school cafeteria

■ Entry into after school events

○ Pricing for replacement badge items will be:

■ Full badge replacement - $5

■ Lanyard - $2

■ Plastic cover - $1

● Students’ credentials should be kept confidential at all times. Students are not permitted to use another student’s credentials to log into any technology device. Log in credentials are only permitted to be used on CHA technology devices. Any violation of this policy is a level three disciplinary offense (Handbook, pg. 36)


Link your student to Parent Portal to get attendance alerts, grade alerts, and update contact information. If you have not linked your student and do not have your student’s parent portal ID (only needed the first time you link your student), please email with your student’s name and grade. Please note you need the parent portal ID. Link to Parent Portal here: or through the CHA website home page.

For detailed instructions on how to link your child please download the document below.

Have Questions? Contact us!

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